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Facebook and the ‘Social Graph’

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itwbennett writes “Peter Smith is blogging about day 1 of the Facebook F8 conference and Mark Zuckerberg’s vision for Facebook, which, as it turns out, is somewhat confusing:’Zuckerberg clearly sees Facebook as a service. Facebook Connect, (the name), is going away and being replaced by the Facebook Platform. “Share on Facebook” buttons are being replaced with “Like on Facebook” buttons. And Comcast is now called Xfinity… what does it all mean to the end user? There’s a new API to fetch data from Facebook more easily, which sounds great, if only I could figure out why I’d want to do that. The overall tone of the keynote was that Facebook was serious business and they were going to build the Social Graph, a vast network of connections between people and the things they like. Zuckerberg was a man with a mission.”

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