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The Nuts and Bolts of PlayStation 3D

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The Digital Foundry blog took an in-depth look at how Sony is introducing 3D technology to PlayStation 3 games. They give a step-by-step description of how the system generates a 3D frame (or rather, a pair of frames), and the graphical hurdles that need be to overcome to ensure the games look good. The article also discusses some of the subtle effects 3D technology can have on gameplay:
“‘One interesting thing came through in the immersion aspect was that in the first-person camera view, it felt so much more like being there. Typically when most people play MotorStorm, something like 90 per cent play in the third-person view,’ Benson explains. ‘As soon as we put the 3D settings in place, the first-person view became a lot more popular, a lot more people were using that view. This could indicate that 3D could perhaps change the standards, if you like.’ … ‘We found that in the first-person view the game is giving you all the sorts of cues that you’re used to in normal driving: speed perception, the ability to judge distances, things like that. It’s far easier to avoid track objects.’ The insertion of true stereoscopic 3D into MotorStorm also brings about a new sense of appreciation of the scale and size of the game world and the objects within it.”

Source: The Nuts and Bolts of PlayStation 3D

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