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US House Passes Ban On Caller ID Spoofing

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smarek writes “The ‘Truth in Caller ID Act’ passed the US House of Representatives on Wednesday. The legislation is trying to outlaw caller ID spoofing. In some cases, this spoofing has led to individuals giving out information that has led to identity theft. Last year the NYPD discovered over 6,000 victims of caller ID spoofing, who together lost a total of $15 million. A companion bill has already been passed by the Senate, and the two are on their way to ‘informal conference to reconcile any differences.’ The bill that results will most likely pass.”
PCWorld’s coverage notes that callers will still be able to block their information entirely, and that the bill may have negative consequences for legitimate phone-related services, like Google Voice.

Source: US House Passes Ban On Caller ID Spoofing

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