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WD, Intel, Corsair, Kingston, Plextor SSDs Collide

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J. Dzhugashvili writes “New SSDs just keep coming out from all corners of the market, and keeping track of all of them isn’t the easiest job in the world. Good thing SSD roundups pop up every once in a while. This time, Western Digital’s recently launched SiliconEdge Blue solid-state drive has been compared against new entrants from Corsair, Kingston, and Plextor. The newcomers faced off against not just each other, but also Intel’s famous X25-M G2, WD’s new VelociRaptor VR200M mechanical hard drive, and a plain-old WD Caviar Black 2TB thrown in for good measure. Who came out on top? Priced at about the same level, the WD and Plextor drives each seem to have deal-breaking performance weaknesses. The Kingston drive is more affordable than the rest, but it yielded poor IOMeter results. In the end, the winner appeared to be Corsair’s Nova V128, which had similar all-around performance as Intel’s 160GB X25-M G2 but with a slightly lower capacity and a more attractive price.” Thanks to that summary, you might not need to wade through all 10 of the pages into which the linked article’s been split.

Source: WD, Intel, Corsair, Kingston, Plextor SSDs Collide

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