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Warning: New Malware Offering Users An iPhone Unlocking Application Discovered

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iPhone unlocking application malware

Security software development company BitDefender has warned of a new malware in the wild that has been targeting users looking to unlock their iPhones. In a recent media release, the company has revealed that the new email scam promises an iPhone unlocking application that will help users overcome network restrictions on their iPhone.

Users who choose to download the purported application from a link in the email may have their computers infected with a Trojan virus. 

BitDefender notes:

"Users first receive an e-mail offering a link that promises a new version of an iPhone unlocking application to overcome vendor set network restrictions. People clicking the link are then directed to a webpage which provides instructions on how to download the unlocking application. 

After being urged to connect their iPhone to a PC, users are then instructed to download the "new modified" application and run it on the iPhone. However, once downloaded and run, the executable file causes a Trojan virus to be infected in the PC."

iPhone unlocking application malware

iPhone unlocking application malware

There could be significant implications for users falling for the attack. According to BitDefender, the Trojan virus, which has been identified as Trojan.BAT.AACL, is capable of modifying the DNS server address on the users' internet connection to point to a different IP address. Consequently, user requests to access popular websites could be redirected to an alternate malware-laden version of the requested website. This could lead to a breach of the user's confidential information. 

The only way to protect yourself is to tread carefully and avoid such anonymous emails. Readers wishing to scan their computers for a possible attack can use BitDefender's free online scanner by following this link.

It's also important to note here that the trusted sources of such jailbreaking and unlocking tools are the iPhone Dev team and Geohot who offer them for free, so please avoid downloading software from unknown sources.

Do let us know if you've received such spam emails in the comments.

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Source: Warning: New Malware Offering Users An iPhone Unlocking Application Discovered

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