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Military Asserts Right To Respond To Cyberattacks

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Hugh Pickens writes “AP reports that National Security Agency director Lt. Gen. Keith Alexander says the US should counter computer-based attacks swiftly and strongly and act to thwart or disable a threat even when the attacker’s identity is unknown. ‘Even with the clear understanding that we could experience damage to our infrastructure, we must be prepared to fight through in the worst case scenario,’ wrote Alexander in a 32-page Senate questionnaire he answered in preparation for a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on his nomination to head Cyber Command. Alexander offered a limited but rare description of offensive US cyber activities, saying the U.S. has ‘responded to threats, intrusions and even attacks against us in cyberspace,’ and has conducted exercises and war games adding that it is unclear whether or not those actions have deterred criminals, terrorists or nations.”

Source: Military Asserts Right To Respond To Cyberattacks

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