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Game CEO Sees “Gamification” of Work and Military

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An anonymous reader writes “The CEO of Unity discusses ‘gamification’ — applying game design and technology to real-world applications beyond ‘gamespace.’ The military is using game design theory for some training programs — not just ‘the 3-D, realistic, virtual world experiences, but also the built-in use of frustration and reward.’ (And similar training packages were adopted by Unilever, the giant corporation which owns Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.) Medical professionals have licensed a ‘Google Earth for the human body,’ and game design is also being used to build tax software. (‘It has to be the most boring field, but I mean that’s the point. You can make it slightly challenging and give people little reasons to play these tax tools — beyond, you know, not going to prison!’) While some companies conduct team-building exercises using Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter, others use game technology to standardize their in-house employee training programs. The interviewer adds, ‘I know I’d feel better about job training if it felt more like killing zombies.’”

Source: Game CEO Sees “Gamification” of Work and Military

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