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Discovery To Bring “Plug and Play” Micro-Lab To ISS

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astroengine writes “In an effort to standardize the way we do microgravity experiments, a Kentucky-based non-profit organization has developed the ‘CubeLab’ (a modular, miniature laboratory) that can be plugged into a rack of 15 other CubeLabs. The first set of micro-labs will be carried to the space station by the shuttle Discovery on Monday morning’s launch. The CubeLab’s small design allows it to be easily shipped to and from the space station, providing a faster pace of experimentation. Also, its ‘plug and play’ interface means installation is a breeze. Even better is the fact the CubeLabs are developed by Kentucky students, university researchers and enthusiasts. Now they’ve teamed up with the Houston-based NanoRacks LLC; could this be the future of space research collaboration?”

Source: Discovery To Bring “Plug and Play” Micro-Lab To ISS

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