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Help Me Get My Math Back?

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nwm writes “I am trying to refresh my math skills back to the point that I can take college-level statistics and calculus courses. I took everything through AP calculus in high school, had my butt kicked by college calculus, and dropped out shortly thereafter. Twenty+ years later, I need to take a few math courses to wrap up a degree. I’ve dug around some and found a few sites with useful information, but I’m hoping the Slashdot crowd can offer some good resources — sites, books, programs, online tutors, etc. I really don’t want to have to take a series of algebra-geometry-trig ‘pre-college’ level courses (each at full cost and each a semester long) just to warm my brain up; I’d much rather find some resources, review, cram, and take the placement test with some confidence. Any suggestions?”

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