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Standards Expert — “Microsoft Fails the Standards Test”

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levell writes Alex Brown, Convenor of the Ballot Resolution Meeting on OOXML, has written a blog post saying that Microsoft is failing the standards test. Mr. Brown notes: ‘In its pre-release form Office 2010 supports not the approved Strict variant of OOXML, but the very format the global community rejected in September 2007, and subsequently marked as not for use in new documents — the Transitional variant. Microsoft are behaving as if the JTC 1 standardisation process never happened, and using technologies (like VML) in a new product which even the text of the Standard itself describes as “deprecated” and “included… for legacy reasons only”…’ He also says that defects are also being fixed very slowly and that ‘Looking at the text, I reckon it is more like 95% that remains to be done, as it is still lousy with defects.’ It’s an insightful look at what has happened with OOXML since ISO approved it from someone who was not opposed to its becoming a standard.”

Source: Standards Expert — “Microsoft Fails the Standards Test”

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