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NJ Court Upholds Privacy of Personal Emails At Work

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chiguy sends words of a ruling from the New Jersey Supreme Court which found that a company did not have the right to read emails from an employee’s personal account even through the account was accessed on a company computer. This ruling is likely to set precedent for other workplace privacy cases around the country.
“‘The court has recognized the very legitimate and real concerns with regards to privacy. This gives some guidance to employers in terms of how explicit (e-mail) policies need to be,’ [attorney Marvin Goldstein] said. The ruling stems from a harassment and discrimination lawsuit Marina Stengart of Bergen County filed three years ago against Loving Care of Ridgefield Park. Stengart, then the executive director of nursing, sent her attorney eight e-mails from her company-loaned laptop about her issues with her superiors. Stengart used her Yahoo e-mail account. ‘Under all of the circumstances, we find that Stengart could reasonably expect that e-mails she exchanged with her attorney on her personal, password-protected, web-based e-mail account, accessed on a company laptop, would remain private,’ Chief Justice Stuart Rabner wrote in the decision, which upholds an appeals court’s ruling last year.”

Source: NJ Court Upholds Privacy of Personal Emails At Work

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