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Google Optimizes Apps For iPad: Gmail, YouTube, Maps And Google Mobile App

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iPad news roundup

Google has announced that it has optimized applications for the iPad to take advantage of its large display.

Google has released an experimental user interface for Gmail for the iPad, which is built on the Gmail for mobile HTML 5 web app that they had launched for the iPhone.

Gmail web app for iPad features a two-pane view with the list of conversations on the left and message pane on the right as seen in the screenshot below.

iPad news roundup

iPad users will be able to check this new interface by pointing their iPad’s Safari browser to gmail.com. Just like the iPhone, iPad users will also be able to access Gmail through the native Mail app using the IMAP protocol.

Some Google apps such as YouTube and Maps will be pre-installed on the iPad.

Punit Soni, Product Manager of Google Mobile writes:

The YouTube app for iPad is built-in, so you can watch HD videos and read and write comments. The new Maps app on iPad takes advantage of high-resolution satellite and Street View imagery, includes a new terrain view, and lets you search for local businesses and get directions. Just like on the iPhone, you can also go to the App Store to download Google Mobile App with search by voice. Of course, Google Mobile App was originally designed for the iPhone’s screen dimensions, but we’ve adapted it to work on the iPad and we’re looking into new ideas to make the app even better.

Google has already released an iPad friendly version of their popular RSS aggregator service called Google Reader Play.

We also expect Google to release optimized versions of its other services such as Google Buzz, Google Talk, Google Latitude for iPad.

As always, let us know your thoughts on the Gmail’s new user interface for iPad.

[via Google Mobile blog]

Source: Google Optimizes Apps For iPad: Gmail, YouTube, Maps And Google Mobile App

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