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Man Sues Neighbor Claiming Wi-Fi Made Him Sick

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OrangeMonkey11 writes “A Santa Fe man who claims to suffer from ‘electromagnetic sensitivities’ has sued his neighbor after she refused to stop using wireless devices. 59-year-old Arthur Firstenberg claims his sensitivity can be set off by cellphones, routers and other electronic devices From the article: Firstenberg, 59, wanted Raphaela Monribot to limit her use of the devices. “I asked her to work with me,” he said. “Basically, she refused.” So he sued Monribot in state district court, seeking $530,000 in damages and an injunction to force her to turn off the electronics. “Being the target of this lawsuit has affected me very adversely,” Monribot said Friday in response to e-mailed questions. “I feel as if my life and liberty are under attack for no valid reason, and it has forced me to have to defend my very basic human rights.”‘”

Source: Man Sues Neighbor Claiming Wi-Fi Made Him Sick

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