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AMD’s 12-Core Chip Cuts Software Licensing Costs

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CWmike writes “AMD released on Monday its 12-core chip code-named Magny-Cours, doubling the number of cores over the previous-generation Opteron chip. While a doubling of performance is nice, another key benefit delivered by a chip with a dozen cores may be in reducing software costs. For Matt Lavallee, director of technology at MLS Property Information Network, a company that supplies real estate data, upgrading to the 12-core Opteron chip from his current quad-core chips will allow him to cut the number of servers — and his software licensing fees. While the 12-core chip costs a little more than an eight-core chip, it’s ‘nowhere near as much as a SQL server costs,’ said Lavallee, who has been beta-testing the new chips. MLS operates 60 servers, and Lavallee said he could theoretically cut the number of servers by half but will likely reduce his server count by a third with the chip upgrade.”
Reader adeelershad82 adds that AMD is hoping the new Opterons will compete with Intel in the high-volume server market.

Source: AMD’s 12-Core Chip Cuts Software Licensing Costs

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