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We’re Staying In China, Says Microsoft

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ericb tips an article at the Guardian which begins:
“Hopes that Google’s forthright stand on censorship in China would inspire other companies to follow suit appeared unfounded today, with the move instead threatening to widen the rift between some of the world’s most powerful internet companies. Microsoft, which has considerable interests in the country, including its Bing search engine, responded directly to criticism by Google’s co-founder Sergey Brin, who this week accused the company of speaking against human rights and free speech. Brin, who pressed for the closing down of Google’s self-censored Chinese search engine, said yesterday: ‘I’m very disappointed for them in particular. I would hope that larger companies would not put profit ahead of all else. Generally, companies should pay attention to how and where their products are used.’ Microsoft rejected Brin’s critique, saying it would continue to obey local laws on censorship in China.”

Source: We’re Staying In China, Says Microsoft

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