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GameStop Sued Over Lack of DLC For Used Games

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Absolut187 writes “According to IGN, ‘A lawsuit filed earlier this week against retailer GameStop says the company is “deceptively misleading” its customers into believing a used game purchased from the store comes with all packaged downloadable content advertised on the box. This content, however, is only made available for free to those who purchase the game new, as the code to access the content can be only used one time.’ I personally don’t have a problem with publishers charging for DLC. IMHO, you put in the effort to make it, you have the right to (try) to charge whatever you want. I have the right to take it or leave it if I don’t find your price fair (same goes for the main game). But what about the used game market? Should publishers be allowed to destroy the used market for their games by including ‘free’ DLC with a one-time use code? Should the copyright doctrine of ‘first-sale’ have any effect here? Or is it up to the consumer (frequently children) to realize that the product will have a reduced resale value due to the one-time nature of the DLC code? Is this any different from the use of unique ‘CD-Keys’ that are required for online play (e.g. for Blizzard games since 1997 or earlier)?”

Source: GameStop Sued Over Lack of DLC For Used Games

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