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Beijing Sweetens Rubbish With Giant Deodorant Guns

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An anonymous reader writes “Beijing plans to install 100 deodorant guns at a landfill site on the edge of the city in the hopes that it will dampen complaints about the capital’s rubbish crisis.The giant fragrance sprayers will be put in place by May at the Asuwei dump site. From the article: ‘Municipal authorities say they will also apply more plastic layers to cover the site in response to furious protests by local residents who have to put up with the stench when the wind blows in their direction. The high-pressure guns, which can spray dozens of litres of fragrance per minute over a distance of up to 50m, are produced by several Chinese firms and based on German and Italian technology. They are already in use at several landfill sites, but they are merely a temporary fix.’”

Source: Beijing Sweetens Rubbish With Giant Deodorant Guns

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