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The Unsung Heroes of PC Gaming History

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An anonymous reader writes “The history of PC gaming is littered with many well-known and highly regarded titles, but what about the titles you mightn’t have heard of? This list of the top games in the history of the PC includes the usual suspects, such as Half-Life and Doom, but also some often overlooked PC games including such classics as Elite, the space trading RPG developed in 1984 by two college friends from Cambridge for the Acorn and BB Micro systems. The game used a truly elegant programming hack to create over 200 different worlds to explore while using 32kb of memory, all with 3D wireframes. Also in the list is Robot War, which required players to actually code the participants, and one of the first online multiplayer RPGs, Neverwinter Nights, which introduced many of the developer and user behaviors, such as custom guilds, that have made modern RPGs so popular.”
What’s your favorite classic game that always gets overlooked in these kinds of lists? My vote goes for Star Control 2.

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