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US Military Shuts Down CIA’s Terrorist Honey Pot

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Hugh Pickens sends in a Washington Post story about how US military cyber-warriors attacked and shut down a CIA-backed intelligence gathering site. “US military computer specialists, over the objections of the CIA, mounted a cyberattack that dismantled an online ‘honey pot’ monitored by US and Saudi intelligence agencies to identify extremists before they could strike, after military commanders said that the site was putting Americans at risk. The CIA argued that dismantling the site would lead to a significant loss of intelligence, while the military (in the form of the NSA) countered that taking it down was a legitimate operation in defense of US troops. ‘The CIA didn’t endorse the idea of crippling Web sites,’ said one US counterterrorism official. The agency ‘understood that intelligence would be lost, and it was; that relationships with cooperating intelligence services would be damaged, and they were; and that the terrorists would migrate to other sites, and they did.’ Four former senior US officials, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said the creation and shutting down of the site illustrates the need for clearer policies governing cyberwar.”

Source: US Military Shuts Down CIA’s Terrorist Honey Pot

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