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IBM Stops Disclosing US Headcount Data

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theodp writes “ComputerWorld reports that IBM has stopped providing breakouts on US employees, closing a door to data that provided insights into the bellwether company’s employment shift. In its latest Annual Report, Big Blue only provides its global headcount, and an IBM spokesman confirmed that disclosure of US headcount is a thing of the past. The Rochester Institute of Technology’s Ron Hira called the US workforce data critical for policymakers trying to understand the dynamics of offshoring. ‘By hiding its offshoring, IBM is doing a disservice to America — through omission the company is providing misleading labor market signals and information to policy makers,’ Hira said. Ironically, CEO Sam Palmisano’s Letter to Shareholders, which accompanied the Annual Report, touts how IBM’s Analytics and ‘Smarter Planet’ efforts are empowering US government decision-makers. Nondisclosure domestically and abroad seems to be the new rule of thumb for Big Tech, sparking calls for government intervention.” IBM laid off about 10,000 US workers last year, and 2,900 so far this year, according to the Alliance@IBM, a labor union.

Source: IBM Stops Disclosing US Headcount Data

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