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Apple Loses Aussie Trademark Complaint Over “i” Name

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CuteSteveJobs writes “Apple has been dealt a severe blow having been told that it no longer has a monopoly on the letter ‘i’ for product naming. IP Australia, the government body that oversees trademark applications, rejected Apples’ complaint against a company selling ‘DOPi’ laptop bags. Last year Australian computer company Macpro Computers claimed that after 26 years of flying its own Macpro brand that Apple was ‘trying to burn us out’ with legal fees. This was after Apple released its own Macpro line 3½ years ago. Apple lost that complaint, but is appealing. Last year Apple went after supermarket Woolworths complaining their new logo which featured a ‘W’ fashioned into the shape of an apple. (Woolworths sells real apples.)”

Source: Apple Loses Aussie Trademark Complaint Over “i” Name

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