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The World’s First Commercially Available Jetpack

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ElectricSteve writes “It’s been a long time coming. While Arthur C. Clarke’s geosync satellites have taken to space, and James Bond’s futuristic mobile technology has become commonplace, still the dream of sustained personal flight has eluded us — until now. At $86,000, the Martin Aircraft jetpack costs about as much as a high-end car, achieves a 30-minute flight time, and is fueled by regular gasoline. A 10% deposit buys you a production slot for 12 months hence.” Here’s a video of some indoor test flights. This isn’t Buck Rogers’s jetpack — it’s about 5 by 5 feet and weighs more than the average human. You won’t be able to commute with it (the FAA has not certified this class of device) so it’s recreational only for now.

Source: The World’s First Commercially Available Jetpack

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