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Major ISPs Help Fund BitTorrent User Tracking Research

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An anonymous reader writes “I was scanning conference proceedings to come up with ideas for a reading group I run at my workplace, and I noticed an interesting paper from the new IEEE WIFS forensics conference. Researchers from the University of Colorado have published a technique for tracking BitTorrent users (PDF) by joining and actively probing torrent swarms using low-cost cloud computing services. They claim their methods allowed them to monitor the entire Pirate Bay torrent set for as little as $13/mo using EC2. But that’s not even the interesting part. Their work appears to have been ‘funded in part through gifts from PolyCipher’ — a broadband ISP consortium. That’s right; three major national ISPs funded this round of BitTorrent tracking research, not the MPAA/RIAA. Could this be evidence of ISP support for ACTA and a global three-strikes law?”

Source: Major ISPs Help Fund BitTorrent User Tracking Research

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