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A Public Funded “Microsoft Shop?”

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An anonymous reader writes “I work at a public hospital in the computer / technical department and (amongst others) was recently outraged by an email that was sent around our department: ‘(XXXX) District Health Board — Information Services is strategically a Microsoft shop and when talking to staff / customers we are to support this strategy. I no longer want to see comments promoting other Operating Systems.’ We have also been told to remove Firefox found on anyone’s computer unless they have specific authorisation from management to have it installed under special circumstances. Now, I could somewhat understand this if I was working in a company that sold and promoted the use of Microsoft software for financial gain, but I work in the publicly / government funded health system. Several of the IT big-wigs at the DHB are seemingly blindly pro-Microsoft and seem all too quick to shrug off other, perhaps more efficient alternatives. As a taxpayer, I want nothing more than to see our health systems improve and run more efficiently. I am not foolish enough to say all our problems would be solved overnight by changing away from Microsoft’s infrastructure, but I am convinced that if we took less than half the money we spend on licensing Microsoft’s software alone and invested that in training users for an open source system, we would be far better off in the long run. I would very much like to hear Slashdot’s ideas / opinions on this ‘Strategic Direction’ and the silencing of our technical opinions.”

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