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Narus Develops Social Media Sleuth

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maximus1 writes “Narus is developing a new technology code-named Hone that can be used to identify anonymous users of social networks and Internet services. Hone can do some pretty ‘scary’ things, says Antonio Nucci, chief technology officer with Narus. Hone uses artificial intelligence to analyze e-mails and can link mails to different accounts, doing what Nucci calls topical analysis. ‘It’s going to go through a set of documents and automatically it’s going to organize them in topics — I’m not talking about keywords as is done today, I’m talking about topics,’ he said. That can’t be done with today’s technology, he said. ‘If you search for fertilizers on Google … it’s going to come back with 6.5 million pages. Enjoy,’ he said. ‘If you want to search for non-farmers who are discussing fertilizer … it’s not even searchable.’ Nucci will discuss Hone at the RSA Conference in San Francisco Friday.”

Source: Narus Develops Social Media Sleuth

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