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Over Half of Software Fails First Security Tests

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An anonymous reader writes “Even with all of the emphasis on writing software with security in mind, most software applications remain riddled with security holes, according to a new report released today about the actual security quality of all types of software. Close to 60 percent of the applications tested by application security company Veracode in the past year-and-a-half failed to achieve a successful rating in their first round of testing. And this data is based on software developers who took the time and effort to have their code tested — who knows about the others.”
Reader sgtrock pointed out another interesting snippet from the article: “‘The conventional wisdom is that open source is risky. But open source was no worse than commercial software upon first submission. That’s encouraging,’ Oberg says. And it was the quickest to remediate any flaws: ‘It took about 30 days to remediate open-source software, and much longer for commercial and internal projects,’ he says.”

Source: Over Half of Software Fails First Security Tests

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