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New “Spear Phishing” Attacks Target IT Admins

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snydeq writes “A new breed of ‘spear phishing’ aimed at IT admins is making the rounds. The emails, containing no obvious malicious links, are fooling even the savviest of users into opening up holes in their company’s network defenses. The authentic-looking emails, which often include the admin’s complete name or refer to a real project they are working on, are the product of tactical research or database hacks and appear as if having been sent by the company’s hosting provider. ‘In each case, the victim remembered getting a similar sort of email message when they first signed on with a service and, thus, thought the bogus message was legitimate — especially because their cloud/hosting providers keep bragging about all the new data centers they’re continuing to bring online.’ The phishing messages often include instructions for opening up mail servers to enable spam relaying, to disable their host-based firewalls, and to open up unprotected network shares. Certainly fodder for some bone-headed mistakes on the part of admins, the new attack ‘makes the old days of hoax messages that caused users to delete legitimate operating system files seem relatively harmless.’”

Source: New “Spear Phishing” Attacks Target IT Admins

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