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Major Electronics Vendors Accused of Price Fixing

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Lucas123 writes “After the DOJ launched an investigation last fall into price fixing by major optical disk drive manufacturers, a home electronics retail store filed a class-action lawsuit this week seeking triple damages for what it is claiming to be long-standing collusion between Sony, Samsung, Toshiba, LG Electronics and Hitachi to raise and fix prices on the drives. The suit claims the vendors used trade organization forums as meeting places to discuss the price fixing. ‘These are big Asian smoke-stack industries where they’re investing in big fabrication plants. You can’t have a technology destroy the business,’ said the attorney representing the plaintiff. ‘If you fire up a big fab plant with CRT tubes, and the next generation technology destroys it, then you have a big fab plant manufacturing buggy whips. So they have to make sure the price points for these [newer] technologies … don’t destroy existing markets.’”

Source: Major Electronics Vendors Accused of Price Fixing

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