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Fuel Cell Marvel “Bloom Box” Gaining Momentum

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Many sources are continuing to excitedly report on the latest in a long line of startups chasing the holy grail of power sources. This incarnation, the “Bloom Box” from Bloom Energy, promises a power-plant-in-a-box that you can literally put in your backyard, and has received backing from companies like eBay, Google, Staples, FedEx, and Walmart. CBS recently aired an exclusive interview with K.R. Sridhar about his shiny new box. “So what is a Bloom Box exactly? Well, $700,000 to $800,000 will buy you a ‘corporate sized’ unit. Inside the box are a unique kind of fuel cell consisting of ceramic disks coated with green and black ‘inks.’ The inks somehow transform a stream of methane (or other hydrocarbons) and oxygen into power, when the box heats up to its operating temperature of 1,000 degrees Celsius. To get a view of the cost and benefits, eBay installed 5 of the boxes nine months ago. It says it has saved $100,000 USD on energy since.”

Source: Fuel Cell Marvel “Bloom Box” Gaining Momentum

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