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Our Low-Tech Tax Code

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theodp writes “After establishing that nothing can excuse Joe Stack’s murderous intentional plane crash into an IRS office, a NY Times Op-Ed explains the reference in Stack’s suicide note to an obscure federal tax law — Section 1706 of the 1986 tax act — which the software engineer claimed declared him a ‘criminal and non-citizen slave’ and ruined his career. Interestingly, a decade-old NY Times article on Section 1706 pretty much agreed: ‘The immediate effect of these [Section 1706] audits is to force individual programmers … to abandon their dreams of getting rich off their high-technology skills.’ Section 1706, the NYT Op-Ed concludes, ‘is an example of how Congress enacted a discriminatory law that hurt thousands of technology consultants, their staffing firms and customers. And despite strong bipartisan efforts and unbiased studies supporting that law’s repeal, it remains on the books.’”

Source: Our Low-Tech Tax Code

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