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Grimmelmann On Google Books Settlement Fairness Hearing

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somanyrobots writes with an excerpt from New York Law School professor James Grimmelmann‘s cogent report from Friday’s fairness hearing about the current Google Books Library Project settlement agreement. That agreement has been proposed to resolve the dispute between Google and various rights holders about Google’s plan to scan and electronically distribute many written works, included “orphan” works.

“I was at the courthouse from 8:30 onwards, with the team of New York Law School students who’ve been working on the Public Index. We didn’t want to take any chances that we might not make it in. (Last time, we were among the very last people seated.) No worries there; we got great seats in the overflow room, and in the afternoon, in the courtroom itself. I’m very glad I had the student team along with me. Their observations and insights about the arguments and the lawyers were invaluable in helping me write up this post. Other than my conversation with them, I’ve avoided reading the press coverage; I wanted to provide a direct account of how I saw the day’s events, without being influenced by others’ takes.”

Source: Grimmelmann On Google Books Settlement Fairness Hearing

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