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What You Get When You Buy a $40 iPhone In a Bar

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Barence writes “How good — or bad — are fake iPhones? PC Pro blogger Steve Cassidy has a friend who paid £25 ($40) for an ‘iPhone’ in a bar, and he’s got the photos and full lowdown of what’s inside this not-so smartphone. The phone looks convincing enough from the outside, with a genuine-looking backplate, but things start to go wrong when you switch it on. What’s a “Java” and “WLAN” App button doing on the screen? And how about that Internet Explorer icon? It’s like you’re handling an artefact from an alternate history, dropped in via a spacetime wormhole. It has dual SIM handling, too, and came with a bizarre auxiliary battery festooned with warnings about not pressing a button mounted on the front of the top-up device.”

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