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Toei Animation Thinks Mobiles Could Save Anime

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andylim writes to share that according to a recent interview, Toei Animation, producers of Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball z, think that mobile phones and tablets could help save the anime industry, which is being heavily damaged by piracy. Unfortunately the difficulty is getting all of the players to move in the same direction. “We think it’s an incredibly exciting opportunity. Manufacturers and networks are going to need more than touchscreens and Twitter to shift phones in the future — content such as Toei’s will hopefully add that extra value. Unfortunately, Ebato and Song haven’t been inundated with requests for information. ‘There’s no convergence… the tech people and the content people aren’t talking,’ adds Song. In fact Song’s last statement to us is much more than an anecdotal truth, it’s the heart of the matter. It’s not enough that Apple and Amazon are talking to content creators, everyone should be doing it. Of course, a good start would be to not hide people like Ebato and Song in distant exhibition halls, where only we can find them.”

Source: Toei Animation Thinks Mobiles Could Save Anime

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