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“Logan’s Run” Syndrome In Programming

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Ian Lamont writes “InfoWorld has an interesting analysis of the reasons behind the relative dearth of programmers over the age of 40. While some people may assume that the recession has provided a handy cover for age discrimination, a closer look suggests that it’s the nature of IT itself to push its elderly workers out, in what the article describes as a ‘Logan’s Run’-like marketplace. A bunch of factors are listed as reasons, including management’s misunderstanding of the ways in which developers work: ‘Any developer can tell you that not all C or PHP or Java programmers are created equal; some are vastly more productive or creative. However, unless or until there is a way to explicitly demonstrate the productivity differential between a good programmer and a mediocre one, inexperienced or nontechnical hiring managers tend to look at resumes with an eye for youth, under the “more bang for the buck” theory. Cheaper young ‘uns will work longer hours and produce more code. The very concept of viewing experience as an asset for raising productivity is a non-factor — much to the detriment of the developer workplace.’”

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