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Gov’t Proposes “National Climate Service” For the US

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Standing Bear writes “NPR reports that 140 years after the creation of the National Weather Service, the US government is proposing the creation of a similar service that will provide long-term projections of how climate will change. ‘We are actually getting millions of requests a year already about: How should coastal cities plan for sea-level rise? How should various other agencies in the federal government or in state governments make plans for everything from roads to managing water supplies?’ says NOAA Administrator Dr. Jane Lubchenco. ‘And a lot of that is going to be changing as the climate changes.’ Under the plan, the new NOAA Climate Service would incorporate some of the agency’s existing laboratories and research programs, including the National Climatic Data Center, the Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory and the National Weather Service’s Historical Climate Network. Meanwhile, as plans for the new climate service shape up, NOAA launched a new Web site, climate.gov, designed to provide access to a wide range of climate information.”

Source: Gov’t Proposes “National Climate Service” For the US

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