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India Suspended From PayPal For "At Least a Few Months"

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More details have come about about what was behind PayPal’s decision to suspend personal payments to any user in India, as we discussed on Sunday. In a blog post today, PayPal revealed that payments to India will remain in suspension for at least a few months. Customers in India will be able to pull rupees out of the service into their bank accounts within a few days. The suspension came about when Indian government regulators raised questions about whether PayPal’s service was enabling remittences (transfers of money by foreign workers) to Indian citizens. “The problems may have been triggered by a marketing push that promotes PayPal as a way to send money abroad, a source familiar with the matter said. The campaign — which reads ‘As low as $1.50 to send $300 to countries like India’ — may have caught the attention of Indian regulators, the source said.”

Source: India Suspended From PayPal For "At Least a Few Months"

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