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The Jarmidor, Part 3

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Having discovered that I’m not the only pipe-faggot on Kuro5hin I decided to see whether I could get my loose shag as moist as a 14 year old baptist girl at her first Jonas brothers concert. Unfortunately my girlfriend doesn’t like handlebar moustaches around her lady-garden, so, thus rebuffed, I decided to see whether I could replicate Mr Tiber’s success in the improvement of my tobacco. Similarly to Ghost of Tiber, I had issues with knowing precisely the humidity of my jarmidor, which I eventually decided to ignore; and with a bit of serendipity, I was able to get a result which was, if not correct to a scientific degree of accuracy, at least was palatable and a definite improvement on the moisture content of tobacco as bought.

Source: The Jarmidor, Part 3

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