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Silicon Valley VCs and the Gender Gap

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fysdt writes with this excerpt from TechCrunch:
“An analysis of Dunn and Bradstreet data shows that of the 237,843 firms founded in 2004, only 19% had women as primary owners. And only 3% of tech firms and 1% of high-tech firms (as in Silicon Valley) were founded by women. Look at the executive teams of any of the Valley’s tech firms — minus a couple of exceptions like Padmasree Warrior of Cisco — you won’t find any women CTOs. Look at the management teams of companies like Apple — not even one woman. It’s the same with the VC firms — male dominated. You’ll find some CFOs and HR heads, but women VCs are a rare commodity in venture capital. And with the recent venture bloodbath, the proportion of women in the VC numbers is declining further. It’s no coincidence that only one of the 84 VCs on the 2009 TheFunded list of top VCs was a woman. … Additionally, it is harder for women to obtain funding than for men. … historically, women-led companies have received less than 9% of venture capital investments; in 2007, the proportion of funded female CEOs dropped to 3%.”

Source: Silicon Valley VCs and the Gender Gap

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    I’m female, I’m founder and CEO, I have VC, children and I live in the wrong hemisphere……some silly women are still prepared to have a go!


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