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Tritium Leak At Vermont Nuclear Plant Grows

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mdsolar writes “The tritium leak into ground water at Vermont Yankee has now tested at 775,000 picocuries per liter, 37 times higher than the federal drinking water standard. ‘Despite the much higher reading, an NRC spokeswoman said Thursday there was nothing to fear. “There’s not currently, nor is there likely to be, an impact on public health or safety or the environment,” the NRC’s Diane Screnci said in an interview. She had maintained previously that the Environmental Protection Agency drinking water safety limit of 20,000 picocuries per liter had an abundance of caution built into it. … The National Academy of Sciences said in 2005 that any exposure to ionizing radiation from an isotope like tritium elevates the risk of cancer, though it also said with small exposures, the risk would be low. ‘ At what level should the NRC shut down the troubled plant?”

Source: Tritium Leak At Vermont Nuclear Plant Grows

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