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India Ditches UN Climate Change Group

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Several readers have told us that the Indian Government is moving to establish its own group to address the science of climate change since it “cannot rely” on the official United Nations panel. “The move is a severe blow to the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) following the revelation parts of its 3000 page 2007 report on climate science was not subjected to peer review. A primary claim of the report was the Himalayan glaciers could disappear by 2035, but the claim was not repeated in any peer-reviewed studies and rebuffed by scientists. India’s environment minister Jairam Ramesh announced that the Indian government will established a separate National Institute of Himalayan Glaciology to monitor climate change in the region. ‘There is a fine line between climate science and climate evangelism,’ Ramesh said. ‘I am for climate science.’”

Source: India Ditches UN Climate Change Group

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