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Intel Details Upcoming Gulftown Six-Core Processor

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MojoKid writes “With the International Solid-State Circuits Conference less than a week away, Intel has released additional details on its upcoming hexa-core desktop CPU, next gen mobile, and dual-core Westmere processors. Much of the dual-core data was revealed last month when Intel unveiled their Clarkdale architecture. However, when Intel set its internal goals for what its calling Westmere 6C, the company aimed to boost both core and cache count by 50 percent without increasing the processor’s thermal envelope. Westmere 6C (codename Gulftown) is a native six-core chip. Intel has crammed 1.17 billion transistors into a die that’s approximately 240mm sq. The new chip carries 12MB up L3 (up from Nehalem’s 8MB) and a TDP of 130W at 3.33GHz. In addition, Intel has built in AES encryption instruction decode support as well as a number of improvements to Gulftown’s power consumption, especially in idle sleep states.”

Source: Intel Details Upcoming Gulftown Six-Core Processor

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