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15 Yards: The Unsportsmanlike Tax Evasion of the NFL

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Superbowl XLIV approaches, pitting two potent offensive teams against one another. The inimitable Peyton Manning, this year’s winner of the National Football League’s MVP award (his fourth, most of any player all time), will try to use his bottomless well of receivers to outscore the Saints. The deadly accuracy of the Saints under Drew Brees will be tested by the solid defensive front of the Colts, albeit possibly without perennial Pro-bowler Dwight Freeney. Drama abounds. Both teams are top seeds in their respective conferences. Peyton Manning will be competing against the team his father quarterback’d for 11 seasons. Although the Hall of Fame is a certainty for Peyton, a win would cement his legendary status. A Superbowl win for Mr. Brees might punch his ticket to the Hall of Fame. His team, the New Orleans Saints, plays every home game in the Superdome: a living reminder of a tragedy that took place in their city five short years ago. Amid all this pageantry, the expectations of a scoring frenzy, a tale of avarice and thievery is shouted down. For who would have guessed that the NFL, a seven-billion-US-dollar-per-year enterprise, could be considered a non-profit?

Source: 15 Yards: The Unsportsmanlike Tax Evasion of the NFL

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