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US Missile Defense Test Fails

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KingRobot sends news that a recent test of a US missile defense system has failed. The test of the Groundbased Midcourse Defense interceptor apparently had a problem with the sea-based X-band radar. Both the target missile, launched from the Pacific, and the interceptor, launched from California, performed as expected. “Yesterday’s test was intended to quell doubters of the entire missile-defense approach, with the target missile deploying countermeasures. Critics of the GMD programme say that tests thus far, which have not included such spoilers, have been too kind to the intercept tech. The [military] isn’t disclosing whether the intercepting kill vehicle had simply failed to reach the ‘threat cluster’ of warhead(s) and decoys, or whether it had reached the cluster but hit a countermeasure rather than the actual target.”

Source: US Missile Defense Test Fails

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