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RIAA To Appeal Thomas-Rasset Ruling

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frank_adrian314159 writes The RIAA will appeal the ruling that reduced Jammie Thomas-Rasset’s $1.92 fine for file sharing to $54,000. ‘”It is a shame that Ms. Thomas-Rasset continues to deny any responsibility for her actions rather than accept a reasonable settlement offer and put this case behind her,” said RIAA spokeswoman Cara Duckworth.’ Joe Sibley, an attorney for Thomas-Rasset, said his client would not settle for the $25,000 that the RIAA has asked for.’”Jammie is not going to agree to pay any amount of money to them,” Sibley said, adding that it doesn’t matter to Thomas-Rasset whether the damages are $25,000 or $1.92 million.’ In addition, Thomas-Rasset’s attorneys say that, win or lose, they plan to appeal the constitutionality of the fine.”

Source: RIAA To Appeal Thomas-Rasset Ruling

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