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Newsday Gets 35 Subscriptions To Pay Web Site

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Hugh Pickens writes “In late October, Newsday put its web site behind a pay wall, one of the first non-business newspapers to take the pay wall plunge, so Newsday has been followed with interest in media circles anxious to learn how the NY Times own plans to put up a pay wall may work out. So how successful has Newsday’s paywall been? The NY Observer reports that three months into the experiment only 35 people have have signed up to pay $5 a week to get unfettered access to newsday.com. Newsday’s web site redesign and relaunch reportedly cost about $4 million and the 35 people who’ve signed up have earned Newsday about $9,000. Still publisher Terry Jimenez is unapologetic. ‘That’s 35 more than I would have thought it would have been,’ said Jimenez to his assembled staff, according to five interviews with Newsday employees. The web project has not been a favorite among Newsday employees who have recently been asked to take a 10 percent pay cut. ‘The view of the newsroom is the web site sucks,’ says one staffer. ‘It’s an abomination,’ adds another.”

Source: Newsday Gets 35 Subscriptions To Pay Web Site

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