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China Slams Clinton’s Call For Internet Freedom

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CWmike writes “China on Friday slammed remarks made by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton promoting Internet freedom worldwide, saying her words harmed US-China relations. Clinton’s speech and China’s response both come after Google last week said it planned to reverse its long-standing position in China by ending censorship of its Chinese search engine. Google cited increasingly tough censorship and recent cyberattacks on the Gmail accounts of human rights activists for its decision, which it said might force it to close its offices in China altogether. On Thursday in Washington, DC, Clinton unveiled US initiatives to help people living under repressive governments access the Internet for purposes such as reporting corruption. The US will support circumvention tools for dissidents whose Internet connections are blocked, she said. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Ma Zhaoxu called for the US ‘to respect the facts and stop using the issue of so-called Internet freedom to unreasonably criticize China.’ China’s laws forbid hacking attacks and violations of citizens’ privacy, the statement said, apparently referring to the issues raised by Google.”

Source: China Slams Clinton’s Call For Internet Freedom

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