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Pen vs. Keyboard vs. Touch vs. Everything Else

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benz001 writes “In the run-up to everyone’s favourite tablet, Phil Gyford goes back through his gadget collection and compares text entry speeds to see which one comes out on top. It’s not what you’d call a rich data set, and of course the Qwerty keyboard comes up trumps, but the iPhone virtual keyboard came in a surprisingly close second, just edging out the Treo — and all the keyboard solutions regardless of how small and fiddly beat real pen and paper. This probably matches most people’s experience (when was the last time you had to handwrite more than a bullet point in a meeting?) and gels pretty well with Macworld’s predictions but I’m still hoping for sub-vocal voice recognition. (Jump straight to the final results here).”

Source: Pen vs. Keyboard vs. Touch vs. Everything Else

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