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Court Rules WHOIS Privacy Illegal For Spammers

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Unequivocal writes “Spammers hiding behind a WHOIS privacy service have been found in violation of CAN-SPAM. It probably won’t stop other spammers from hiding (what can?), but at least it adds another arrow in the legal quiver for skewering the bottom feeders. Quoting from the article: ‘A recent decision by the Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit has determined that using WHOIS privacy on domains may be considered “material falsification” under federal law… Although the ruling does not make use of WHOIS privacy illegal, it does serve as a clear message from the court that coupling the use of privacy services with intentional spamming will likely result in a violation of the CAN-SPAM act. This is an important decision that members of the domain community should refer to prior to utilizing a privacy shield.’”

Source: Court Rules WHOIS Privacy Illegal For Spammers

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