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What’s Holding Back Encryption?

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nine-times writes “After many years in IT, I’ve been surprised to notice how much of my traffic is still unencrypted. A lot of businesses that I interact with (both business and personal) are still using unencrypted FTP, and very few people use any kind of encryption for email. Most websites are still using unencrypted HTTP. DNSSEC seems to be picking up some steam, but still doesn’t seem to be widely used. I would have thought there would be a concerted effort to move toward encryption for the sake of security, but it doesn’t seem to be happening.
I wanted to ask the Slashdot community, what do you think the hold up is? Are the existing protocols somehow not good enough? Are the protocols fine, but not supported well enough in software? Is it too complicated to manage the various encryption protocols and keys? Is it ignorance or apathy on the part of the IT community, and that we’ve failed to demand it from our vendors?”

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