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Protecting At-Risk Cities From Rising Seas

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Hugh Pickens writes “BBC reports that with about 10 million people in England and Wales living in flood risk areas, rising sea levels and more storms could mean that parts of at-risk cities will need to be surrendered to protect homes and businesses, and that ‘radical thinking’ is needed to develop sea defenses that can cope with the future threats. ‘If we act now, we can adapt in such a way that will prevent mass disruption and allow coastal communities to continue to prosper,’ says Ruth Reed, President of the Royal Institute of British Architects. ‘But the key word is “now.”‘ Changing sea levels is not a new phenomenon. In the Netherlands, for example, with 40% of its surface under sea level, water management and water defense have been practiced since time immemorial; creating mounds and dykes, windmills, canals with locks and sluices, the Delta Works and the Afsluitdijk, all to keep the water out. Similar solutions to protect British cities are based on three themes (PDF): moving ‘critical infrastructure’ and housing to safer ground, allowing the water into parts of the city; building city-wide sea defenses to ensure water does not enter the existing urban area; and extending the existing coastline and building out onto the water (using stilts, floating structures and/or land reclamation).”

Source: Protecting At-Risk Cities From Rising Seas

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